The Wait – reworked

Close my eyes

And see hers, into which I’m falling

Clasped hands pulse with hope

Fervently watching the phone for answers

No! for THE answer

The clock hand’s every tick, Like a pulled trigger’s click

Heart pounding with every tassle laden arterial flick

Muscles tense

Nerves on the verge, tendons revving to dance

The Wait isn’t fun

Like staring at the black hole sun, being all alone after school, forgotten to be picked up

Solitude among a hundred chairs in a sultry classroom devoid of life

Drawing lines through the dust on the window, while ominous winds howl outside

Not knowing when or where or if that three letter word will come

Anxiety wraps a wall around my senses, crouched in silent hysteria

There is more here, beyond us, come whatever may

Avalanche into the abyss of depression, or elevator to happiness and Her

Waiting Waiting Waiting……..


3 thoughts on “The Wait – reworked

  1. MACHAN! Lovely! I love the line “The clock hand’s every tick, Like a pulled trigger’s click”. Brilliant stuff man!

    Also, sorry for not commenting on any of the recent posts. Was really busy with exams and what not?


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