SLAM 2010 in Kandy

My first time attending  one of these ‘writer’s meetings’ and I must say it was quite entertaining. To me, what I took out of it was that

1. Ameena Hussein is a lovely person.

2. Sam Perera can be annoying when on the defense but quite the gentleman otherwise.

3. Ashok Ferry is a better entertainer than a writer. In fact, Rajpal Abeynayake is funnier than Ferry.

4. Sivamohan Sumathy is an arrogant bitch with an acute inferiority complex.

5. Liyanage Amarakeerthi is one of the best Sinhala poets I’ve had the privilege to hear.

6. Vihanga Perera is like Luke Skywalker, too good for his own good.

7. Malinda Seneviratne needs to get over the colonials for stealing his loot and making his great great grandfather cut sugar cane.

8. Marlon Ariyasinghe was the best upcoming poet, someone to watch out for!

9. Shehan Karunathilaka, though not there in person, was awesome.

10. Juliet Coombe kicks arse!

9 thoughts on “SLAM 2010 in Kandy

  1. Hey just wanted to say … saw the article … pretty disappointed with it ….
    is that the only thing that happened at SLAM…
    I mean fine you wanted to talk about it i get it …. but come on dude …

    • Well Marlon you yourself agreed what happened in that incident was wrong. But it has been ignored in subsequent ‘reviews’. This was merely my first impulse rant about it. But machan you know it was wrong, I know too, and this was just the start of my protesting, I’m sure you can relate to the protesting, or should i say, frotezting 😉

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