When you thought journalism couldn’t get worse than Fox, came Channel 4

Writing this as I watch Channel 4’s latest shebang, and it has the accuracy of a blind sniper. I think the wrong starts with the description itself when they call the LTTE ‘secessionist rebels’, which I don’t think was a typo when they tried to spell separatist, which is what they were.

By accepted definition, a secessionist is a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea. While this is what early Tamil leaders would have been, the ‘Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam’ were far from secessionists. I’m not sure blowing up innocent people is the same as ‘pleading a cause’.

The introduction in the video talks about how both sides committed war crimes, so why are the known funders of the LTTE (everyone knows the majority are the diaspora in Canada and the UK) not accused of the same for fueling the crimes? 2 minutes in, they talk about Sri Lanka hosting matches of the Cricket World Cup of which England played Sri Lanka in one, of course there is no mention of the result of that match, but a minor detail I suppose. England getting its ass kicked in a one – day’r is nothing special.

3 minutes in, they begin to speak about the Government offensive which began in 2008 without mentioning LTTE provocations or breaches of the CFA which led to that move, like the Kebithigollewa massacre in 2006. And as dramatic and sympathy invoking as that girl’s face at 5:29 may seem, the same sad sombre face was seen at the funeral’s of those who died in bus bombs.

The video then goes into the capture of Kilinochchi and the no fire zone, and shelling in it. But it was widely publicized and known that the LTTE had assimilated into the civilian population and in fact had positioned weapons next to hospitals. I think in every war there is collateral damage and it is unfortunate for those held up in these areas, just as it is unfortunate for those who died in the suicide bombs. Which is why I suppose everyone has to be grateful for every day of life they had during those 3 decades. Having almost died in one of the attacks in Nugegoda and watching the arms of innocent girls going to buy dresses rain down on High Level Road, I know I was thankful for everyday something like that didn’t happen. I suppose the same is happening in Tripoli now as NATO is butchering innocent people; will the UN accuse them of war crimes? Pfft

And also the ‘G-man’ (Half Life reference) who appears in the video is kinda dodgy as well. Odd coincidence isn’t it? This guy arrives at every hospital that’s been ‘attacked’, and what’s to prove that was filmed in an actual hospital and not doctored by the Tigers? And it’s quite the peculiar accent the Tamil girl has, British, which I suppose would take a year in university to latch onto, but her grammar is bad, which means she couldn’t have spent 4 years in the UK studying whatever she did.

Towards the end of it, when they show the, ‘current’ state of the North, it’s clear to see for the many of us Sri Lankan’s, who’ve gone to the North even as early as December the year the war ended, it didn’t look that bad, and in fact peace, at least on the surface, is prevalent. Life is back to normal, kids in Jaffna get some of the highest marks in the island. True that war has left its wounds, any war, conflict or scuttle will leave scars, but what doesn’t help is the needless and unfair opening of those wounds.

I think 48:33 says it best when they say the international community failed the Tamil community. First up I don’t think the international community is represents everyone in the globe other than Sri Lanka, and secondly, I don’t see why after fleeing, they continue to damage and hinder the country’s reconciliation process.

I’m no patriot, nor a big fan of this government’s workings, but I am grateful to the government for putting an end to the conflict. I have seen it from the outside having lived abroad, and seen it from the ground here, and I share both sides of the story being half Tamil and half Sinhalese. But I’m sure everyone on the ground here is thankful the war is over, no man has to get up with the fear of uncertainty.

Rajiva Wijesinghe says it best during his short interview on Al Jazeera. ’nuff said.

18 thoughts on “When you thought journalism couldn’t get worse than Fox, came Channel 4

  1. You’ve kind of missed out the entire segment where the soldiers were executing naked LTTE soldiers, labelling them ‘state property’ before shooting them, etc. Whats your view on that?

    • of course they are state property…what do you think the LTTE said when they shot our soldiers like that? ‘Astalavista MOFOs’? c’mon dude….

    • @Gehan: The army has saved and served hundreds of thousands of people from those ruthless bastards and while doing that, how many lifeless bodies comrades, civilians do you think that they have carried in their arms while not backing down? Those soldiers risk their bloody life to save the country, they got what you call EMOTIONS compared to those BRAIN WASHED SUICIDE BOMBERS.

      War is NOT kind and it is NOT fair. Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity, but at least those fuckers who kill like idiots are no more.

      And let me ask you a small question. What happened to that entire 20+ years that LTTE killed innocent people? Would you be talking the same, if your family was killed in LTTE bombings or abducted by LTTE? Let me guess, you live in a nice cozy house FAR AWAY from war and try to play KNOW-IT-ALL. Well, sorry to break this down to you in SIMPLE words. It is YOU who have MISSED an entire episode.

      @Author: nice article man.

  2. Well I’m someone who goes by ‘eye for an eye’. If you’ve seen that video of the LTTE ambushing the army truck, why not put is as ‘an equalizer’. Yes, it sounds harsh, but then again, this is war, the only good that can come out of it is peace. Now that we have it, be thankful. Then again, that’s just my take.

  3. I don’t have a lot to disagree with you in your opinion. All I want to add is that the segments are chosen to present a point of view that is against the govt. of Sri Lanka and none of the video is fake. SL govt had a chance to present counter or balanced segments but chose not to and they have their reasons, which I am not privy to.

  4. Had a similar reaction to you and not dismissing for a second, the SLA executing surrendered LTTE. They need to find and punish them, even if they’re let off after a few years, because this will drag us down in the end. I realise that the kiribath of human kindness had run out after 30 bloody years of war, but poor discipline like this is not good for the Army. GoSL inanely saying ‘it’s all a fake’ is just silly and stupid.

    More interesting is my ‘chat’ with a Channel 4 on-line person, who mindlessly parrotted the film’s director’s sentiments.


    Note the backtracking after being taken to task for his ignorance and the “something must be done” sentiment.

    • Well yeah, even the government will accept that there was misconduct among the ranks. This is a common occurrence in wars all over the world, remember Vietnam and the US forces? At the end of the day, that government did what it had to do to stop this from dragging on. People have died to equal measure on both sides. The soldiers were a symbol of Sri Lanka, a face to patriotism, and as any government would, and has, they glorified the soldier, giving them the ‘can do no wrong’ status of a newly elected President. So how do you think it seems from the inside when the world calls on these “heroes” to be crucified?

      But look at the broader picture. The reaction to this video sums up why and how, the so-called international community’s efforts to most questionably bring justice, is antagonistic to the workings of the reconciliation process that we have now. Look at what’s happening here: Sri Lankans think the Tamil Diaspora is behind this and so are beginning to hate them. How do tell diaspora from a normal Tamil, aside from a pommy accent? You can’t. So this hate will then spread to a recurring hate of the race till it climaxes in a rerun of the past 3 decades.

      Plus to further understand why this has such a negative effect, you have to go back to the colonial times. A larger part of the Sinhalese population resent the British (I don’t see why really, we reap the rewards of their gifts like the tea industry). During the colonial era the Tamil community did receive a tad bit more support than the Sinhalese community, but this is understandable because we’ve seen the minority in other countries being elevated as well. But I suppose in Sri Lanka, it was more of a class than race thing. But of course people here don’t understand that, reason why is beyond me and common logic.

      So looking at the formula now, history is gives the Sinhalese a reason to hate the Tamil, the violence and devastation of the war, wiped that off our mind. But with what is going on now, you’re pinching the ass of the bear that was about to go into permanent hibernation.

  5. yo people like you are the reason for fueling the hatred for so long. If your trying to claim that the government of Sri Lanka is innocent your are just ignorant. I was born and raised in Colombo, only i know how the soldiers treat you for being tamil. You know all your facts fuckin looks like you copied it of google and rephrased it. You weren’t even in the action, your were just on the side lines claiming you know your facts. War is over and everyone is happy ? ARE u fuckin joking ? where is the justice for the killing , rapping and mass genocide of the tamils by government of Sri Lanka. and please tell why the fuck are tamils are still captivated in those camps ? cause the other nations dont give a fuck what happens around them, as long as their safe. we needed a voice, we needed to fight back and thats how LTTE was created. LTTE soldiers were people just like you and i with goals and dreams, who put everything away to fight for freedom. Pussies like you can just write articles and talks shyt.

    • Well Sir, your obvious emotion driven thinking and response, tone, and language are evidence of your lack of intellect. I wouldn’t expect you to understand something so sensitive, when your vision is tainted by superficiality. In my piece I haven’t stated the government is innocent and I myself have experienced difficulty at checkpoints during the war because of the word ‘Tamil’ in my NIC, but that is over now, it hasn’t happened ever since the war was over. And you speak like you were in on the action. In what way may I ask? Were you an LTTE fighter? or just the angsty little boy from Wellawatte? (I’m Tamil as well, so don’t really consider it racist to say that). And if you must know, I have done my fair share of social work to aid the process of reconciliation, which is so vital to the peace that has prevailed. Smell that boy, what you smell is peace! It may not be pure, but it is peace nonetheless, don’t taint it with your separatist ideology, or there might just be another war and you’ll go home one night crying to yo momma that you got frisked at a checkpoint!

      No one can point fingers when everyone is wrong. But prudence and acceptance, and moving forward is what matters.

  6. I agree.I mean anyone can say anything but only the people who experienced war and its outrageous effects know what it really is like to be in such a situation.Wonder where the accusers were when the LTTE was blowing up whole bus loads,building loads of innocent civilians.Any idiot can see that the Channel 4 footage is just one huge,crappy joke and a desperate plea for attention as they show bodies of dead women being loaded in to a truck and claim that its a footage of women being raped by the army.Sigh…….Where does the bullshit start and where does it end?

    Very well written article btw.

  7. Good post, everyone works for their own agendas even the so called human rights activists, there are much Nato Bombings in Libiya, Pakistan right now, where many civilians are being killed but unfortunately they are just collateral damage….They say first casualty of War is Truth, I guess that’s the same with global politics…:)

  8. War? Over? We are just about to start on the next round, this time with the other minorities.

    These boys have no intention of giving up power. As hardship mounts opposition will grow-and their guns will then be trained on opponents, real and imaginary.

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