I wonder

I wonder how it is to be part of the generation below, looking up at ours
To see many the same, many licking imaginary scars

Most, rebels, with no causes, just trippin’ away the time
Burning the days, fillin’ up on tequila, salt and lime

My heroes all died young, I just hear their immortal echoes
The only ‘heroes’ they know, is the show on their TiVos’

Is or was our lifestlye different? Or like their’s, just another social cancer
So many questions, but never the answer

We tapped our toes to Bad Comany’s Rock n Roll Fantasy
They gyrate to cacophonic tunes in clubs and pop ecstasy

They will never know Bob Dylan and Like a Rolling Stone
Instead just laugh about a meme, called ‘Forever Alone’

And so I wonder

Do the generations before, say the same about mine
And as I write here on Facebook, write in their journals
Where did it all start to decline?

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