Back on blogging

So I’m back. Time and discipline will tell whether permanently or just this night, but I’ve been told I need to find a routine or something to repeat on a daily basis before going to bed. Obviously masturbation seemed the easy way out but while a happy ending seems appealing, this seems more a means to an end. To what though, I haven’t the clue, but I guess it will become apparent once I’m there.

The blogosphere (about time Google’s spell-check added the word to its list) and wordpress has changed. I feel outdated looking at this interface, but it is refreshing finally seeing something I was familiar with change in the many ways it has. I’d usually hate it. I’m a bit of a jaded geezer. I like familiar. Familiar is good and predictable. Fuck the surprises and that prepubescent yearning for something ever-changing. There’s just too much of that in the world. Everyone’s too worried about numbers and speed of delivery, they’ve forgotten to savour quality and appreciate what’s exceptional. Instead, everyone’s busy performing fellatio on mediocrity’s hog and encouraging the mediocre to keep excreting their average offerings to the world. Sigh. Fuck co-creation.

Also, it seems a short film I wrote for and acted in made it to the Berlin Film Festival and was nominated for European Film Academy Awards 2014 and I’ve begun work on another two screenplays. May they reach completion and see the light. Anyway, episode 09 of House of Cards season 02 just completed downloading, time to fire up a gold leaf and watch Frank Underwood rip someone a new hole. Hopefully, I’ll be back again to this tomorrow. Hopefully.

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