Within in these four walls I am free
Yet trapped in consciousness
Robbed of sleep
Whence once snowed dreams
Now stream questions

The night is wet
But the sun prepares its journey to the centre of the sky
Will she see us? Are there stars out there tonight?
Last call for the moon

Nocturnal citizens of the grass, chant their hymns
The descending rains, a metronome
Modernity drones on ceilings and pedestals, stirring the darkness

In this abandonment of light, there is peace
But the green hue of envy taints the misty air
These words are my protest; why can’t I have what you do?

The louver above becomes a canvas
30 past 3 and the dance of sky colours begins
A screensaver of the world outside
Black to pale yet dark purple and beyond

Remedies erupt from the tectonic plates of my memory
But is this a problem? Is this blessing? Am I the only one?
Slumber, take me
To the depths where only morning light can rescue

Is this my mortal eternity?
I regret. I apologise. I repent.
Sleep, please come back to my bed

One thought on “Awake

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