All about nothing really. There might be something about drinking and some other shit I’ve thought about while waiting for a download to complete.


Would that make the world a better place? If there were no names, distinctions, positions, hierarchies and no identities. Everyone just the same, no one greater, no one smaller, loving equally living peacefully. Oh well, I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

One among the many

She held her little son and stared down the road as he walked away smiling. She tried hard to force a smile but just couldn’t, fear had paralyzed her. With every step he took forward, the more the ominous weighed down her heart.  Here was her husband and father to her son walking away to save his…

The new day

We shall storm the streets and squares Gusto in our chants and conviction in our souls We shall march on, all day and all night Seeking the justice that’s never done Purging the They who enslave our fates Driving out the avarice and capitalism Reclaiming the futures  They raped We shall liberate ourselves from this…