A friend of mine tweeted this link and I was just shocked by it. A whole movement of people advocating the boycott of products made in Sri Lanka known as Boycott Sri Lanka. They are driven apparently to bring to attention the supposed human rights violation in Sri Lanka and the oppression of Tamils. I mean first up our economy and garment industry is already suffering enough without these international fucktards who think they are making a difference. Secondly all this is based on assumptions on reports by amnesty international and the likes. I mean what the fuck is their problem, there is no proper proof of the allegations. Why don’t they boycott Israel when it bombs and massacres a thousand innocent Palestinian civilians.

2 thoughts on “WTF!

  1. sigh, i didn’t know there was a movement till I saw that video you posted..oh dera. I saw a comment some lady had made on a NYT article and she had said “i never buy anything that says made in sri lanka on it” and i was wondering where all that came from. so, lame. It only hurts the little people, not the people in power. They already have their bank accounts full.

    • yeah true, because if the demand is affected, the supply rate will be cut down which means that factories will be shut down and around 700 who work per factory will be left unemployed =\

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